Twice in the last 2 weeks I have tried to quit smoking, and twice I have been turned away.

Last week, I went to the GP to ask for some champix, and he said no I need to go to the stop smoking service which is back [in the same building] in a week.

Fast forward a week.

I go to the stop smoking service as recommended by my doctor, and they said no also, as I don't live in their catchment area, this puzzled me as I live in my GP's catchment area but not theirs?

So I left in a bit of a huff for my wasted journey.

For a few weeks now I have noticed I am getting increasingly short of breath, I'm piling the weight on and altogether unhealthy.

This coupled with a dream I had about my mother that scared the hell out of me, has made me want quit smoking.

The only thing is I don't think I will be able to just quit?

I have been looking at Vape's, but have tried and failed that in the past, but have been told by a vaping friend of mind at University that its possibly because the Vape was not strong enough for me, and that I should try again with a stronger battery.

Then on the otherhand, I also know that there are studies underway about the effects of vaping, and how you can get something called "popcorn lung" from them.

I'm not normally one for believing everything I read or see in the media, but, this time I do think that there is something there.

Whats your best quit tips?