Clothing Revolution

Following on from my recent post about minimalism, I decided to have a bit of a clothing revolution, which is still currently underway.

I had a stack of clothes which I had stored under my bed in one of those vacuum lock bags, you know the ones, where you shove them in the bag, attach your vacuum hose to the attached nozzle and it sucks the air and reduces the size by about 75%. Marvellous inventions really.

Anyway, the said clothes that I had under my bed, are from my slimmer days, and I have kept hold of them, just in case they fit again. I'm sure we all have something similar to this? Goal Pants maybe?

Anyway, I decided, even if I did manage to slim down into said clothes, I would probably be wanting to reward my efforts with some new clothes rather that old ones, so I gave them away to a friend. All but my favourite shirt.

I've also took the conscious decision to go through my current wardrobe and come up with a way to decide what is needed and what isn't. Many of the clothes I have are not really fit for every day purpose, they are either too office/dressy for everyday use, or clothes I would not be seen dead in at university. (YAY Comfy joggers) So I am planning on, getting rid of any clothes that I do not wear between now and February, because 3 months without wearing something, surely means I don't need it?

I'm also having a complete underwear, sock and bra overhaul, getting rid and starting again. There is a charity our there somewhere that collects Bra's for women in 3rd world countries, so I will more than likely send my over the shoulder bolder holders there (link to follow)